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Christmas In D.C.  (Wickedly Exotic Winter Erotic Wonderland)
Ghost Of A Chance (Wickedly Exotic Spring Erotic Wonderland)

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Pepper Valley Shifters #1
Jace moved in with Fiona and her father when she was fourteen. Tall, lean, and hotter every day, Fiona has had a crush on Jace since day 1. The problem is, Jace did not look at her as anything but a friend.

On Fiona’s sixteenth birthday, her dad announces she is going to mate a shifter she has never met when she turns twenty-one. Zane is cute, muscled, arrogant, older, and not her type.
One night, Jace finally sees Fi for the woman she has become. In a moment of weakness, Jace succumbs to her request for 'just one kiss'. A mate's addictive taste is something neither Jace nor Fiona can deny.

Caught by a secret past, Jace believes he will never deserve a woman like Fi. However, Fiona harbors a deep dark secret of her own. A secret that may change all of their lives.

Pepper Valley... A town where shifters, vampires & other creatures are a part of society. What will happen when two shifters fight over a love that is ordained & one that is forbidden?

They are caught...Shifted For Love.

***Please note: This story is approximately 15,000 words and includes profanity and depictions of sexual situations.
Pepper Valley Shifters #2

Living a life of bitter seclusion, Griffin Tago is a mentally and physically broken puma shifter without a family, through no fault of his own.

Daniela "Dani" Celinho grows up in a happy family of shifters, until a malicious act during her teenage years leaves Dani with a limp and no hope of competing as a swimmer. After her father's murder, her mother and sister fall apart. Dani decides to make a life for herself in a little town called Pepper Valley, Colorado.

Griffin's best friend talks him into having a beer at his sworn enemy's place…Great Scotts Bar & Grill. After a short run-in with "Great Scott" himself, Griffin's friend distracts him by pointing out a brunette beauty standing at the jukebox. One look at her takes Griffin's breath away.

Dani looks past the wheelchair and sees the strong handsome man with long dark hair and black tattoos.

Their physical desire leads to a quick mating. Can Dani not only heal Griffin's body, but his soul?

***Please note: This story is approximately 37,000 words and includes profanity and multiple depictions of sexual situations.
Pepper Valley Shifters #3

Forrest Scott has worked too long and too hard as an undercover operative for the D.E.A. Shifter Division to get stuck with a mission partner straight out of training. When his new partner turns out to be the one shifter woman he's been asking on dates repeatedly for years, he can't help but imagine the possibilities.

Adeline Lahey may be new to the undercover job, but she's had plenty of experience turning down his advances. She does everything she can think of to turn him off, yet sparks still fly. While their chemistry is palpable, even Forrest Scott can't be trusted with her heart.

When Forrest is forced to split his time between two missions, a third undercover operative takes over as Addie's full time mission partner.

Will their undercover mission bring Forrest and Addie closer, or will the addition of a third operative drive Forrest and Addie apart?
***Please note: This story is approximately 40,500 words and includes profanity, multiple depictions of sexual situations, and some depictions of torture.

Pepper Valley Shifters #4

Nick Caputo is a wolf shifter, and the new clan enforcer. He knows with every fiber of his being that Violet Tago (a shifter that can't shift) is his mate. One kiss. One simple taste and she'll be his. 

Since arriving in Pepper Valley, Violet has ignored any burgeoning attraction for Nick, and instead crushes big time on her brother's best friend, Brody. 

Brody Westwood, also a wolf shifter, has never thought twice about his best friend's kid sister. The fact is, he wants nothing to do with any supernatural being. After seeing his best friend, Griffin, fall in love, marry, and have children, Brody decides it's time to settle down with a family of his own. When a new curvacous beauty shows up in town, the attraction practically crackles the air between them. But Leah Cross isn't human...or a shifter. 

Two couples with undeniable attraction. Under the Colorado sky, they are Star Crossed Shifters.
Pepper Valley Shifters #0
Mystical Lovers Xmas The Crowned Wolff and his Empress have invited their teams to celebrate Christmas at the Wolff Dynasty Estate. Tequila 10 and Razer 8 Elite operatives attend with their mates and young. This Christmas, there’s a special gift for more than one of the elite operatives.
A Wolf’s Christmas Gift Megan Chambers hated the Holiday's. She had expertly closed herself off for so long that they were just something to dread. Megan had no idea that when she walked home that evening, her life was about to change. He wasn't prepared for what hits him when this woman stumbles into his life. When everything you've ever known is called into question - can you find the strength to let down your walls and let love in?
Cherished Gift Clara Jameson never suspected her world was going to be turned upside down when she went to work that day. She never thought a woman on suicide watch would lead her down a dangerous rabbit hole into a wolf’s den. There was no way she could’ve known that paranormal forces were at work in her new client’s life; terrorizing her sleep, haunting her soul, and destroying her will to live. Of course not, she didn’t believe in that sort of thing. But she did believe in the power of regression, and was open to the possibility that a past life was impacting Jenna Davis’s current life. What happens next will shake her core beliefs, and open her eyes to a world that very few are privy to. A world where monsters really do go “bump in the night”
A Christmas Mating Tace is a country boy, born and raised. His family has been lone wolves in the heart of Montana for centuries. He is starting to feel a bit lonely during the holidays until he meets Adara. Adara is a city gal. She loves malls and shopping, but takes the opportunity of a lifetime and it fails. Now she is living in a small country town with a man she is slowly falling for.
A SHIFTER CHRISTMAS A horse and hawk shifter, is a widower living a life as a recluse. Little did she know she was almost made a meal by a hungry lion shifter! While attempting to hunt a tasty meal, he is knocked to his butt both literally and figuratively when the bay-colored horse turns out to be a beautiful woman shifter! If the lonely widow gives her heart to Jaxson, can she be sure he'll stay?
Savannah's Christmas Miracle Savannah always knew she was different. She knew things she shouldn't be able to know. She felt danger, whenever THEY were around. Richard had fought many battles by her side. But only in her dreams. Now he has come into her world. To protect her. To save her from the danger that now threatens her. Can they succeed in this battle? Will the growing bond between them help them to survive, to return to the life they want to build together?
Night Of The Blizzard Love never promises rainbows and sunshine. Storms come, you must deal with good and bad, the happy and the sad. Samantha fell madly truly and deeply in love with Domonique. No one could had warned her for what lied ahead. Can she love a man she should fear? Will Domonique’s secrets tear them apart?
Moonlit Nights
Jerrell and his crew find themselves stranded in an unfamiliar galaxy, unable to return home or call for help. Landing on a primitive planet isn’t on Jerrell’s top ten list of things to do, but it is the only option. With the help of the ship’s beautiful doctor, he must find a way to survive while dealing with the growing attraction between them and the impending birth of a forbidden child. Jerrell and Senia are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their people alive, but can they find a way to make a home in this new world where all the rules are thrown out in the name of survival?  
*All Proceeds to St Judes Childrens Research Hospital*
Pepper Valley Shifters #2.5
A Wolff's Love, Wolff’s Mystical Realm By P.T. Macias
A young, successful scientist meets up with her past. She's changed. She lost weight and is now a confident young woman. But deep inside, she's the same sweet girl. And she's deeply in love.
The brilliant, famous, and sexy scientist returns to claim her in more ways than one.
ZOEY: A ‘Not-So’ Zombie Love Story By Julia Mills
Imagine having everything you want.
The job you always dreamt of, a guy that loves you completely and unconditionally just the way you are, and parents you’re not embarrassed to call your own.
Imagine losing it all in the blink of an eye.
Zane Adams stepped up to take responsibility for his son, Clark. A note was the only warning Zane had to Dixie's disappearing act. Two years later, when she returns, Zane brings Dixie into his and Clark's home. There is more to Dixie than meets the eye.

The Vaqud Mate By Shyla Colt
This is a world unlike any we’ve ever known. In exchange for the technology to fix out failing planet, humans have offered up suitable woman to the Vaqud. The humanoid group of aliens were on the verge of dying out due to lack of females for repopulation when they discovered their compatibility to the human race. A deal is struck, and women with the right genetic marker are separated from the rest of the population. This women are raised to be the perfect mate until they are twenty-five, and the claiming process begins.
Kenna is one of the few females who possess the genetic make-up that allows them to breed with the Vaqud. When she turns twenty-five she’s brought to the Claiming she discovers things are not what they appeared to be when she’s paired with Vaqud warriors, Doce and Devass. Their mating might bring more than happiness. It could bring about change.
Sister Witches By K. K Weakley
Lisa Johnson is a witch with a secret. Powerful, beautiful and in love with Veronica Young. Both of the Sisterhood of North America, where unlike Lisa, Veronica longs for a life someplace free of death, furthermore a life free of the Supernatural World. That is until the younger generation of witches begin to go missing. Joining forces alongside werewolf Jimmy Knowles and necromancer Sean Mac Donald, they discover the Sisterhood is malicious from the inside out. Time heals all wounds…Or does it?
Stone Hearts By Diana Marie Dubois
Daphne Lavain lives in the illustrious city of New Orleans and owns a quaint antique shop on Magazine Street. After her husband’s death, she never thought she would find love again. But when her friend Ava convinces her to seek out the Loa Goddess of Love everything changes.
Jasper Lafavre, a 100 year old gargoyle in hiding, stumbles upon Daphne’s antique shop. Inspired by an object in the window, he realizes, he may be able to find love again since the murder of his beloved.
Better off Sleeping By E. L. R. Jones
Kiya awakens from a coma and remembers nothing about herself or her life. Strange occurrences continue to happen. She finds herself becoming more and more confused by the moment. The man/beast that keeps appearing does nothing, but confuse her more. He says that he is her husband, Phillip Belle, and she is supposedly Aurora Belle.
There is magic in the air. Every time they are near one another, sparks fly. There is a call on the wind and she doesn't understand any of it. Her heart is torn between what it is that her mind is telling her and what her heart wants. Finding out the state of his life is dependent upon her remembering, isn't helping speed matters along.
*All Proceeds to St Judes Childrens Research Hospital*
Prince Of Vezul:  Tallen
Thor’s Royal Love By P.T. Macias
Thor returns home to lots of surprises. His Royal Love, Princess Ashley, is asking his help to escape Archaica.
Princess Ashley wants to break the constraints that keep her from her mate's love. She exchanges her help for a chance to escape, and win his love.

PRINCE OF VEZUL: TALLEN Royalty of Vezul Series, Volume 1 by C.A. Tibbitts
Tallen, which happens to be a prince from the planet Vezul, comes to Earth seeking a woman to become his princess. He lands just outside Las Vegas, where he spies a buxom beauty named Cari. He comes to her aid when a casino patron gets a little too grabby with Cari, whom he has already decided will be his princess. Will an interspecies relationship actually work, and does love truly conquer all?

A Witch's Hearts Desire By Darlene Kuncytes
Serena St. James was a witch who was completely content with the life that she had carved out for herself. She never expected fate to rear its ugly head and knock her right off of her feet! When the utterly delectable Dante Marx saves her from being run down as she walks home from her shop one evening - her life will change forever.
Can these two fight the attraction that snaps and crackles between them long enough to focus on the task set before them? Can they survive the evil that doesn't want it to be found?

The Dragon's Demon By Jami Brumfield
"Being a princess is a pretty amazing job, that is, unless you’re a princess of the Underworld. Alleyah “Lee” Jenkins is the daughter of Hades and a human woman, Joanna. Her birth left her an orphan in the human realm. When she hit adolescence, she came into her succubus powers and learned the truth of her birthright. She was destined to marry a demon prince and together they would rule the thirteenth level of the underworld. She had different plans.

Guarded Hearts, (The Royal Guard) by: Bryce Evans
Lilly Laurent has a dream to become the first woman of the Royal Guard. She has read the rules and practiced for years. Unfortunately, the Prince of Wolves has other plans for Lilly and being a member of his guard isn't one of them.

Prince William Asher, AKA "Knox" can't say or do anything right around Lilly. He has one final shot to win her love and get her back so she can accomplish her dream. Can the two of them agree and have a future together or will others destroy what the fates have brought together.

Among Mortals Series By Moira Keith
War broke out among the Norse gods unlike any they'd ever seen before. With their future in jeopardy, the Norns took the youngest from each bloodline and hid them among the world of Midgard. War raged on, slowly destroying each of the Nine Worlds, and the descendants of the gods are in trouble. Can they be found and returned to their homes before it's too late and the Nine Worlds collapse?

Purple Sage The Wedding Joann H. Buchanan
A fairy kingdom divided between the Light Fairies and the Dark Fairies. The Oracle predicted a long time ago that the two kingdoms would unite. So to keep the peace both kings decided to form an alliance by having their two heirs marry. Princess Sage wants nothing to do with a wedding so she runs away and meets a Light fairy who ma

These short stories are about the eternal fairy tale of the prince and princess. These stories are incredibly steamy romances with paranormal entities mating to claim their royal love.

The Mystical Box Set Babes is an Anthology of Paranormal Romance, written by women with very different lives, backgrounds, and talents. This group of amazing, talented authors want to give their readers the royal paranormal romance story.

The Mystical Box Set Babes is a Paranormal Romance Anthology. This group of amazing talented authors want to give their readers a Christmas gift.

*All Proceeds to St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital*
Christmas In D.C. by C.A. Tibbitts
Naomi has worked as Will's assistant at college where he teaches law classes as she earns her degree as a Paralegal.
After Naomi graduates, she learns that Will is quitting the college to work for a Senator in Washington D.C.
When Will asks Naomi to work with him and the Senator. it does not take her long to accept the position.
No longer a professor and student, the attraction of this 30-something year old couple is palpable.
A terrifying act leads Naomi to a heartbreaking discovery. Did she ever really know Will at all?

Office Party by Anita Lawless
Things heat up at the Christmas office party!
In a darkened room, Gwen seduces her secret crush, Ted, during the Christmas office party, but she’s too afraid to let him know her feelings run deeper than a brief affair. She nearly loses him to the company man eater, Bernadette, thanks to her hesitation. Now it’s up to her best friend Mallory to play match maker and bring the two together for the holidays.
Wicked Wonderland Retreat by Cassidy K. O'Connor
Michael Robertson lived a normal vanilla life till his fiancé walked away two weeks before their Christmas wedding leaving him emotionally despondent. One year later his family takes matters into their own hands and buys him a ticket to the Wicked Wonderland Retreat.
Brandi St. James has always run the retreats from behind the scenes. Seeing Michael's registration profile stirs something within her and she assigns herself to be his personal elf for the week.
Wonderland By Night by MJ Flournoy
Romance and adventure are on tap when a holiday rental leads to a romantic interlude.
His Wild Kiss by Heather Marie Adkins
When her father died, Addy LaBarre became kikua — leader — of her wolf pack. Now five years later, she still doesn’t feel like she knows what she is doing.
Wate Jackson is a practitioner of Wild Magick, training to take over his father’s leadership role of the clan.
It doesn’t take long for Wate to realize the beautiful Addy is much stronger than she thinks. When the two of them come together, the Wild Magick ignites, and anything is possible.
Reckless Reservation by Roxie Nash
Chantel Dimond has the perfect solution to mend her heart during the holidays--rent a secluded lodge for a weekend of peace.
When she arrives at the rented lodge, she's snowed in with a half-naked hunk and male escort Kane Hunter after she discovers him asleep in her bed. Lucky for her there's plenty of warmth in Kane's arms to keep them both warm in more ways than one.
Witchy Escapade by Christy Dilg
Chenille Bishop found out at the age of eighteen that she was different from most people she knew. She possessed a special gift that would change her life and give her control of things that would bring her enormous pleasure. After years of playing with her power, she meets a handsome Irish bartender that charms her in ways she would have never imagined. After months of flirting and scheming, she finally makes her move. Will she finally meet her match or will he be like every other conquest?
Wolves For The Holiday by Josette Reuel
Jaz, Chaylea, and Gabby escape to a secluded cabin for a writing retreat.
The holidays were never easy for the three single women, so even a snow storm wasn’t going to force them back to all of their well-meaning family and the happy couples they would have to deal with back home.
Then the wolves appeared.
Jaz couldn’t understand the connection that she felt for the huge beasts and her heart ached when the owner of the cabin showed up with a rifle.
A dream out of one of their books.
Jaz isn’t sure what to make of the three naked men that appeared out of the storm, but the instant lust has her doing things that are very out of character for her.
Is Ridge Jaz’s dream man? Will she cave to the passion between them or will she allow fear to keep her from what she wants? 



Ghost Of A Chance by C.A. Tibbitts
Vanessa has run a bed and breakfast for years in her small home town in Missouri.  When her ex, Grant, shows up after his mother's death, he winds up staying at the bed and breakfast and taking over the vacant position of handyman.
Vanessa is haunted by the ghost of Grant's mother, while Grant frequently sees Vanessa's deceased aunt.
Can two meddling ghosts help to rekindle the love between Grant and Vanessa that never really died?

PLEASE NOTE: Due to language, sexual depictions, and some violence, this book is meant for 18+ 

Stories include regular and paranormal romance. M/F, M/M, etc. 

Stories include: 
49 Shades Of Vampire by P Mattern 
Ghost Of A Chance by C.A. Tibbitts 
The Undercover Rock Star by Jenna Galicki 
Bella Noche by Elisabeth Popolow 
A Wolff's Mate by P.T. Macias 
Fantasy Come True by Desiree A. Cox 
His Living Kiss by Heather Marie Adkins 
Vampires Of The Sea by Lynna Stephens 
Assassin's Mate by Jami Brumfield 
Subtle Magic by Josette Reuel 
Tomorrow's Forecast by Ginger Marie

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