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RELEASE TOUR and RRBB REVIEW: Salvation by Ahren Sanders

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Her innocence is masked with vulnerability. Until her walls crumble…
Undeniable Desire
His world is full of despair. Until he finds her light…
Unyielding Chemistry
Falling in love seemed to heal them both. Until their haunting pasts threatens to destroy…
Unrelenting protection
Robbie Hayes’s life changed the day a horrific accident shook his foundation. He’s resolved to regain control. While the physical wounds have healed, the emotional scars remain.
Will he ever be able to outrun the memories? Can she be his salvation?
Ember Walker’s life hasn’t been easy. Fleeing from a world filled with hatred gives her a fresh start, one she desperately craved. Now, she’s stronger, but guilt and insecurities still plague her.
Will she ever be able to outrun her memories? Can he be her salvation?
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My eyes flutter as soft fingertips drag across my lower back. The faint sound of thumping pounds against my ear as I open my eyes, feeling disoriented. The first thing I see are the hard lines of Robbie’s stomach as his chest rises and falls. My face buries into the warmth of his embrace and he starts chuckling. “Is it possible to wake you?” he rumbles. “Guess so, but I was having the most wonderful dreams.” “So was I, but mine weren’t while sleeping. Mine are right here in the flesh, laid out on top of me. When I lift my head to his, my heart melts. The look of devotion on his face is so strong it threatens to crush me. “How long have I been asleep?” “About an hour. When I came out of the bathroom, you were passed out.” “Why aren’t you asleep?” “Because I have an incredibly sexy, naked woman lying in my arms. It would be a shame to miss this.” “I’ve slept with you naked before.” Blush creeps up my cheeks. “Think we both know this is different.” Emotions bubble inside of me, and I curl into him. “You mean something special to me, Ember. More than special. I want you to know that.”

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5 Stars

The story of Ember (Little Star) and Robbie.
Ember has had a rough life. Her mom and sister hated her and did some nasty things, her dad is in prison. But she has a new life now.  She works for her aunt in a formalwear shop, and she also designs dresses.  When the shop handles the wedding clothes for the "It" band of the time (Sayge), the shop gets all the business it can handle.  She lives with her supportive cousin Cruz, and his boyfriend Alex also adores Ember.
When we meet Robbie, we learn he's a war vet that had quite an injury during a mission overseas.  He has a recurring nightmare that haunts him almost nightly.  But the beautiful woman he meets at the formalwear shop during his sister's wedding event is someone he has to get to know better.
When Robbie walks into the shop out of the blue, Ember is surprised.  He's been nothing but rude, standoffish, and of course, why would he want her?  Ember's self-esteem is in the toilet!
Salvation is a long, beautiful, sexy book about the ups and downs of getting to a happy ending.
Many times, I was frustrated by both characters.  Robbie is a caveman when it comes to beating his chest and snarling (not literally) at any man that looks twice at Ember - including his friends who love to tease him.  Ember spends so much time being a doormat, that when she suddenly grows a backbone, I am totally thrown for a loop!
About 3/4 into the book, I felt the story veer off course.  The actions of Ember were so out of character, it didn't make sense to me and I frequently rolled my eyes and shook my head.
HOWEVER, I continued on, and the resulting end of the story was beautiful and so satisfying.  The author did an awesome job!
This is my first book in this series (this book is #3 in Surrender series), but I never once felt confused.  It can definitely be a standalone, but there is no doubt I look forward to Finn's book!
This is a novel-length book (which I don't read often - due to time), and has way more than its fair share of down and dirty sex scenes.  After they begin having sex, I don't think there is but a chapter or two in which there isn't a sex scene - so be prepared for that.
Romance Readers received this book from the author during a blog tour in exchange for an honest review.

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About the author
Ahren spent her formative years living in an active volcano. There her family made collectible lava art. She studied rock collecting at the Sorbonne in France. There she met the love of her life-her pet pig Sybil. She returned to the states and started writing. She is happily married to a guy who used to live under a bridge and she met while pole-dancing. They have one amazing daughter. Now, meet the real me. I grew up in the south and consider myself a true “Southerner”. Most of the special locations mentioned in my books are reflections of my favorite places. Living on the Florida coast, my family spends a lot time at the beach which is where I usually can be found with a book in my hand. I started writing my Surrender Series, in the spring of 2013 and have received incredible support from the Indie community. Throughout this year, I have been privileged to meet some amazing people that I am thankful to have in my life.
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