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BLOG TOUR and *RRBB REVIEW*: Her Gaze by Angel A.


BLOG TOUR: Her Gaze by Angel A.

Her Gaze Cover


At that moment, Gabe knew he had fallen for her. The first time he laid eyes on Sofy he knew that she was for him and he was hers. However, she was already taken by a dangerous man. A man that would kill before letting her go. But Gabe was willing to put his life in harm’s way to be with the woman he was in love with.
This suspenseful and sexy short story is full of excitement. It gives joy to the imagination and makes the heart beat a little faster.
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3 Stars
The story of Gabe and Sofia (Sofy).
This short story is told entirely in the first person from Gabe's perspective.
Gabe is a taxi driver. On his very first day, he almost runs over an old woman. I think this was the best part of the story, because the old woman starts beating him with her cane. Every time you think she's done, she hits him again.
A beautiful girl comes along to stop the old woman, and it turns out to be the old woman's granddaughter - Sofy.
After giving them a ride to a hospital, Gabe has become infatuated with Sofy.  His thoughts, his dreams, are consumed with her.
The story is fast paced, and you really learn nothing about either one of the main characters. Not even what they really look like - Gabe especially.
I think the story has promise, and it could be good, but it needs work.  There needs to be feelings, not just rambling thoughts from Gabe's perspective.
Romance Readers received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Author Bio
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Angel was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the Bronx at the age of 2.
Growing up in the Bronx has been an adventure.
Angel discovered his passion for writing when he was a senior at high school,
but the lack of discipline and dedication never got Angel past a paragraph.
Writing has always been a dream, but that’s all Angel thought it would be, a dream.
Until graduating college, with lots of free time he put his imagination to work, and made it happen.
Now there’s no stopping.
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