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Enticing Sky by H.K. Szczesiak
February 24th, 2015


Skyrah Jane Campbell has always been driven to succeed and make a name for herself away from her family. Moving to Chicago to attend college and start a career doesn’t leave much room for romance. Living with Anabelle, her feisty best friend, has helped Skyrah begin to come out of her shell. However, nothing could prepare Skyrah for the day she first laid eyes on Wyatt Weston. 

Wyatt, a successful business man, is the owner of the Weston Building where coincidentally Skyrah works. When his father died, Wyatt inherited his company. A forever playboy and commitment-phobe, Wyatt never wanted to settle down until a brief encounter with Skyrah turns his world upside down. 

Will Skyrah’s encounter with Wyatt’s sexy younger brother, Wriston, come between the two? How will The Weston family handle learning their family isn’t as reputable and honest as they once thought? 

 While trying to build a lasting relationship, can Skyrah and Wyatt handle everything life throws at them? 


4 Stars

The story of Wyatt and Skyrah (Sky).

This story is told in alternating first person.  I must admit, at about 50%, I realized the author had not switched back to Wyatt's perspective for a long while. Then suddenly, it begins again.

I ultimately liked the story, but there are a few things that bothered me.

For the first half of the story, I literally thought Sky was bipolar. She trusted him, but then she didn't. She jumped to conclusions (which is normal), but then would seemingly forget about it.  I felt as though sex was confused with love.
At one point early on, the author mentions they 'made love', and then much, much later, Skyrah says they have made love for the first time - while describing how different the two (making love vs. sex) are. 
I, as did Wyatt, felt uncomfortable with the 'friendship' between Sky and his brother Wriston. Especially given what went on at the very beginning.
I also did not enjoy how Wyatt - in his position as head of the company - just dictated how her work life would go, etc.  She would get angry with him about it, but then just drop the anger as suddenly as it raged.
There were a few surprising action scenes that were quite enjoyable.
I do wish the Wyatt perspective would have happened more often during that first 50% of the book.  You never knew what he was thinking or feeling, which left me frustrated since the book had started in both perspectives.
I do feel like it is definitely worth a read, and I enjoyed the way the author ended the story.  I had a feeling that was going to be how it ended all along.






H.K. Szczesiak

H.K. Szczesiak, author of contemporary romance, lives in Delaware with her husband and two children. 
She is an avid reader who loves romance novels the most. She also works full time in an office setting, as well as owns and runs her own photography company, Captures From the Heart Photography.  
To say she is busy is an understatement. Her love of writing has always been present from the time she was a child and now shows in her first self-published novel, Enticing Sky.

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