Thursday, February 12, 2015

BLOG TOUR and *REVIEW*: One More Kiss by Susan Ward

I never intended to become a famous man’s lover. I know damn well Jack never intended that for me. And somehow that’s what I became. ~ Linda Cray I’m the kind of man who knows when he’s met forever. Linda leaving today won’t make a difference about anything. ~Jackson Parker Linda never expected a chance encounter with a drunken man on the beach to change her life forever. But then, Linda had never met a man like Jackson Parker. He is the kind of man a foolish groupie falls in love with. The total rock star package: handsome, charming, intelligent, brilliant, and nice. The most dangerous kind of encounter. The kind where you wake up one morning completely delusional and lying to yourself that there might be a way to keep him. The smart play on all accounts was for Linda to let go of Jack after a three week whirl-wind affair rather than to try to hold onto a man who, in all ways, was beyond her reach. But walking out of Jack’s life ended nothing. Struggling to build her own life, and unable to resist the temptation of the mercurial Jack, Linda is swept away by an affair without end. Teaser   OneMoreKissTease Buy Links
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The story of Jack and Linda.
This story is beautifully written and flows so well!
Jack is a singer, and described with golden curls, vivid blue eyes, and a tan (and at home at the beach).
Linda has just graduated college when the story begins, and she is desperately poor.
The chemistry between the couple sizzles, and I was never once lost due to lack of reading the first book. 
Some of Linda's actions made me want to grab and shake her!  She understands she isn't the same person as she was a few years prior, yet she can't seem to believe it.
I wanted to push her out of the way and tell Jack I'd gladly take what he was offering!
The author sets up nicely for the third book in the series, and I can't wait to see how it will all end!

About Author I've written 26 books in 25 years. I write contemporary romance novels about messed up rich girls with perfect looking lives & naughty little souls and the hot mercurial men they take captive...and on occasion messed up rich girls from exciting periods in US and British history, and the poor Lords and Pirates they hold under their spell. Author Links  
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