Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BOOK and AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Unexpected Love by Jenn Marie

Unexpected Love (a Love on the Bayou book)
by Jenn Marie

Bailey is not trying to find love.

Love finds her in the form of as sexier then sin tattooed cowboy named Dallas who is a new artist at her brothers tattoo shop....

When there eyes lock for the first time it was like fireworks went off between them. She finally felt whole in his arms, and he felt he finally found where he belonged.
But will a nightmare from Bailey's past that lets out her deepest secert ruin the fast building love between Bailey and Dallas?

Jenn Marie is a 30 year old down home girl from the Bayous in Louisiana. she was born with a rare form of glaucoma which render her legally blind. But at the age of 22 he sight took a turn for the worst when the glaucoma became unstable and hard to control for a few years now it under control slowly wreaking her vision but she's never let that stop her from living her dream of being an author. She start writing at a young age mostly poetry and some stories. By the age of 25 she had two books of poetry written and published. Even though her vision is worsening as she gets older she won't let that stop her from making her lifelong dream of being an author a reality. With the love and support of her family and friends she won't give up writing. Reading is her salvation and only escape from reality for manny years now she hopes that her stories will bring that kind of peace and escape for her readers.


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